The “Memory Box” is a treasure chest of mementos such as “the blanket of love”, birth acknowledgement certificate, hand and foot prints and in some cases photos. The Memory Box was introduced to Simpson’s Centre for Reproductive Health in Edinburgh as the result of a donation from a bereaved parent. It has since given comfort to many parents through difficult times.

SiMBA has recently started providing smaller Memory Boxes for those born too early. The smaller boxes are to show that even a tiny baby deserves recognition.

SiMBA aims to provide the precious Memory Box to any Maternity Unit which wishes to have them, as we believe that anyone who suffers the loss of a baby deserves the simple, but precious box.

SiMBA through direct contact, conferences, word of mouth have now introduced our Memory Boxes throughout Scotland, England and Wales from the largest of maternity and neonatal units to the very smallest of hospitals making sure no parent ever goes without. SiMBA also gift them individually to parents upon request.

Losing a baby or a much wanted pregnancy is a devastating event for many women and their partners and whilst there may be initial support from family and friends for parents at the time of the loss of their baby, there is often an expectation that the grieving period will be short and they will recover completely. Those who have sadly experienced such a tragic life event know this is not so. The ‘Tree of Tranquillity’, commissioned by SiMBA, provides the means to express private and public declarations of lost hopes and dreams for the baby. It is not just for the newly bereaved, but also parents who sadly lost their baby years ago and no recognition of their baby’s existence was offered. I know from my experience of working with bereaved parents, just what a very special opportunity it is for them to add a leaf to the Tree in memory of their baby and how much it is treasured.
Barbara Herkes, Counsellor SCRH