At SiMBA we respond to the needs of those affected by the loss of a baby. We help families create precious memories and offer beautiful ways to honour and remember their baby, now and always. 

SiMBA is a charity registered in Scotland, yet our services reach across the UK and Ireland. We exist to support families and those close to them whose baby has died at any stage of pregnancy or around the time of birth. We support anyone who has lost a baby at any gestation, no matter how recent, or how long ago the loss was. We do this through the delivery of our core services, providing support to families in a way that is meaningful for them and reaches them wherever they are on their journey after the loss of their baby.   

SiMBA started by gifting Memory Boxes and due to the increasing awareness of our service, the demand for these has never been greater. We donate these to maternity and gynaecology wards, neonatal units, and hospices so that families can, where possible, create memories of precious time spent together.   

We refurbish Family Rooms in hospitals to create a peaceful and private space for families. We install memorial ‘Trees of Tranquillity’ and hold events, such as Butterfly Releases during the summer and Wave of Light services during Baby Loss Awareness Week in October.  

We work to enhance the care bereaved families receive by delivering healthcare professional training, as well as offering support to bereaved families through our closed Facebook support groups and collaborations with other bereavement care charities.  

SiMBA is currently facing closure in as a little as 3 months’ time due to spiraling costs and a significant shortfall in fundraising, we couldn’t do what you do  without the incredible support of our fundraisers and donors and now we need your help now more than ever! 



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