Pregnancy can be one of the most wondrous experiences for a woman. Many women bond with their babies early on in pregnancy, especially when they feel the baby’s first movements and their own bodies begin to show the first signs of the life inside of them. When a woman loses a baby during pregnancy and around the time of birth it can be a very traumatic experience for her, her partner and others close to them.

SiMBA has been supported in its fundraising efforts by many individuals, organisations and businesses. The families who have suffered the loss of a baby have been instrumental in their support and SiMBA endeavour to be ‘reactive’ to their needs. SiMBA was founded by a team of dedicated individuals in October 2005 in response to the needs of those affected by the loss of a baby during pregnancy or close to the time of birth. SiMBA was officially registered as a Scottish Charity in 2007.

We offer a range of support and services;

We donate Memory Boxes to help families to gather precious items of the time that they have to spend with their baby. We refurbish Family Rooms giving families and peaceful homely place in the hospital to send time with their baby.

In conjunction with CHAS we offer free advanced bereavement and palliative care study days for midwives and hospital staff. Adding a leaf onto our Tree of Tranquillity shows parents that they are not alone in their loss and acts as a place to remember and reflect. 


Scottish Registered Charity Number: SC038243



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