The Haydon Kennan Foundation was created in memory of Haydon Kennan, who became an angel at the age of 15 weeks and 2 days. Haydon was extremely courageous in his battle, and touched the hearts of so many people, and continues to do so.

During our time with our son we were fortunate to have been able to gather memorial keepsakes, in particular Haydon’s hand and foot impressions.

Haydon’s Mummy had made these as a gift for Haydon’s Daddy at one of his hospitals, when his Daddy had a virus and couldn’t visit. We are so grateful to have these, and treasure them so much. They are one of our most precious items and will be always.

We hope to offer a similar comfort to others who find themselves in this same devastating situation. A time when words aren’t enough.

Working in partnership with SiMBA the fund, now provides clay imprint kits to accompany SiMBA’s Memory Boxes, given to parents who lose their baby to create a lasting impression of the baby’s hand and feet.