Lisa and Chris Commons

The Lola Commons fund for SiMBA was established by Lisa Hague, SiMBA Ambassador, in 2013 following the stillbirth of her first daughter Lola in 2008. The fund was set up to focus on creating bespoke Family Rooms where parents can spend time with their baby away from the main labour ward and supplying equipment to help hospitals to enhance the bereavement services that they currently offer. The fund is currently working on fully refurbishing Family Rooms in The Southern General Neonatal Unit Glasgow, Simpsons Maternity Unit, Edinburgh, Nottingham University Hospital and the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

The fund has also supported the following projects:

  • Donating Cuddle Cots to The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, Dr Grays, Elgin, The Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley, the Neonatal Unit, St Johns Hospital, Livingston. The Cuddle Cot or Cold Cot as it is was formerly known is a cool mattress specially designed to slow down the deterioration of the baby; allowing parents to spend more time with their little one before they have to say goodbye. 
  • Providing funding for bereavement training for midwives in Edinburgh & Glasgow.
  • Gifting essential family room equipment to many hospitals throughout Scotland such as cameras, printers, radios, fold down beds.

Lisa said “I am so proud of the Lola Commons Fund for SiMBA, being able to support families through the trauma that Kris and myself went through is an honour. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, please continue to help us to support families through this devastating time.”


We are delighted to announce a third Cuddle Cot has been donated to the Western Isles from the Lola Commons Fund for SiMBA by parents Sarah and Jonathan in memory of their baby boy, Harris Michael Smith.  We first donated a Cuddle Cot to the Labour Ward in the Western Isles back in May 2016 followed by a Cuddle Cot to Barra Maternity and now one to Western Isles to use within the community.  Please click on the following to read an article written in the Hebrides News:


Our thanks also go to the Lola Commons fund Ambassadors Neil and Joanne Alexander, who have supported SiMBA and the Lola Commons fund since January 2016.