Nicola Wood

SiMBA Patron
In 2013 Nicola and husband Garreth were devastated when their triplets Asha, Willow and Oren were born prematurely at just 24 weeks old and died a short time after. They witnessed firsthand some of the incredible support and services that SiMBA provide to families all across the UK and Nicloa said “I am honoured as Patron to help develop the organisation over the coming years”.

Susan Simpson

Highland Ambassador & Support Group Co-ordinator
Susan and Andrew have 2 delightful daughters Charis & Niamh, but they have also experienced the depths of grief, having lost 2 babies. In July 2007, Susan miscarried Alex at 13 weeks and left hospital with nothing and no offer of support apart from the Chaplaincy offering to place their baby’s name in their Book of Remembrance. On the 24th September 2010, the family were devastated again when Susan gave birth to their stillborn daughter Eilidh Beth. It was only a couple of weeks after Eilidh Beth’s funeral that Susan looked to see what support could be set up in the Highlands to help other families and contacted SiMBA. Susan says she is honoured to volunteer for SiMBA as their Support Group Co-ordinator and SiMBA's Highland Ambassador, and is passionate about supporting families in the most rural parts of the country.

Jenni Morris

Support Group Co-ordinator
Jenni is married to Ali and has a daughter Melissa and sons Dillon and Bradley. She also has a step son Alister. Jenni is a self employed childminder and lives in Edinburgh. Jenni initially fund raised for SiMBA after the loss of her son Theo in 2011. After losing another son, Jay in 2012 Jenni knew that she wanted to become more involved with SiMBA, so that she could give something back to the charity, that did so much to help her and her family.

Gillian Wells

Events & Communications Planner
Gillian joined SiMBA as their first employee in July 2012. Before this she had spent 19 years working for Scottish Equitable / AEGON UK of which 15 of those were spent as an Event Manager in their Corporate Events department. Gillian looks after SiMBAs Bespoke Events, Awareness Events and Business Partnerships. She is married to Graham with 2 gorgeous sons Adam and Fraser.

Zoey Linton

Zoey is married to Scott and has a son Ryley who is 4, Zoey is the new Administrator for Simba but has been in touch with the charity since the loss of her first baby Faith in 2010 and helped at many events, she looks forward to helping to make a difference and is honoured to work for a charity so close to her heart.

Vicky Hogg

Support Group Facilitator, East Lothian
On 21st July 2011, Vicky and her husband’s world collapsed when their first born, Jack Richard Hogg, was born sleeping. In April 2012, after months of putting it off, Vicky attended her first SiMBA support group which was the turning point in her life; for once she was sat in a room with people who understood and she could say Jack’s name and be proud of him in a safe and understanding environment. Vicky now co-facilitates the Edinburgh support group and volunteers at SiMBA events.

Norma Murray

Support Group Facilitator, Inverness
Norma has two daughters and is a grandmother to 6 wonderful grandchildren. She found out about the charity after the loss of her grandson Malachy in 2009 and the family received support from SiMBA. She works with the Highland Council in care and learning services and in her spare time she volunteers for SiMBA through events and is also a support group facilitator at the Inverness group.

Louise Blair

Support Group Facilitator, The Borders
Louise, (on left) with co-facilitator Lynsey, facilitates the Borders support group. Louise first found SiMBA after the loss of her second child Aaron who was stillborn due to a rare medical condition in 2008. She found the Memory Box to be a great comfort at such a devastating time and she has found many lifelong friends and support through SiMBA and wants to help and support other bereaved parents.

Kerry Campbell

Support Group Facilitator, Lochgilphead
Kerry had a loss 14 years ago and always felt she was alone until recently she attended a SiMBA support group. She came away from the meeting feeling so much better about her situation, her emotions and she no longer felt alone. As a result, Kerry now co-facilitates the Lochgilphead support group as she wants to support other people who have been through what she has.

Fiona Brown

Support Group Facilitator, The Borders
Fiona has been attending the Borders support group since December 2012 after losing her daughter in the November. She has "received so much help and support from the group, I don't know where I would be without my SiMBA family" and we are delighted that Fiona is now co-facilitating the Borders support group.