Could you donate the money raised from your 5p carrier bag charge to SIMBA? We rely heavily on the generosity of and assistance from our supporters and their customers. Every penny that we receive really does make a difference.

We can provide you with a poster to let your customers know where you are donating the money from your charge and we'll send you out a thank you letter and certificate to thank you for your donation. These can be displayed to your customers / colleagues confirming the amount you have donated to us.

Not only are you helping us to raise funds, but you're also helping to raise awareness of the work that we do. If you'd like more information please email Zoey on

Could your company support us?

The Monsoon Accessorize Trust donated £5,705.94 to SiMBA as part of the Trusts Carrier Bag Donation scheme across Scotland in September 2018

If you could put us forward to be the recipient of a national donation then please email Gillian on