Many organisations allow you to nominate your favourite charity to benefit from incentives / funds / grants etc (e.g. Waitrose, Sainsburys, Weslo Housing Association etc).

  • Could you nominate SiMBA to be your Charity of the year
  • Could you hold a one-off fundraising event for SiMBA in your department?
  • Could we run a FREE presentation in your office on how to support a bereaved parent returning to the workplace?

Losing a baby can happen to anyone and it affects not only the parents but friends / family members and colleagues. 

Your support is incredibly important to us. We want to make a partnership with you and your colleagues engaging, motivating and fun for all involved. We want to work with all you to raise awareness and offer support.

If you think we could work together then we would love to hear from you please contact Vanessa Rhazali on 0131 353 0055 or email