Are you a whizz on a sewing machine? Could you help us by creating beautiful Blankets of Love or tiny teddies for our Memory Boxes? Or could you donate any other craft item's that could be sold at our craft fairs or fundraising events? If you could help we would love to hear from you.


If you would like to create Blankets of Love for our Memory Boxes please downnload the PDF on the right where you will find all the information you will need to get started.

Blankets of Love

The blanket of Love programme started in Australia in 1992; involves giving small quilts to parents of babies that die during pregnancy or close to the time of birth. The quilts complement the existing bereavement programs in hospitals.

The small quilts are used to wrap the baby when parents are saying good-bye to their child. Parents have something to cherish, this keepsake which is often kept in their Memory Box.

Since its inception, the project has grown from one hospital in Sydney to hundred across Australia and overseas. In addition, New Zealand, Europe, the United States and Canada have all begun their own blanket of Love programs.

The Blanket of Love programme started in Scotland in 2000. It was the result of Peggy Kerr reading an article in an Australian quilting magazine. Having experienced the heartache caused by the loss of her baby son many years ago and the more recent loss of her granddaughter after only 20 minutes of life, the article had great impact. Peggy contacted her local maternity units who thought the Blankets would be a worthwhile addition to their bereavement programs and started supplying their first batch of blankets in November 2000. Since then they have expanded the programme to many units across Scotland.

To date the group have supplied 10,000 blankets to the units; this being possible due to the help they receive from many sources, from the ladies sewing the quilts, from the gifts of material and from donations. With donations the following items are purchased, material, labels and small butterflies which are used to signify the short life span of the babies.

The hospitals that SiMBA supply the Memory Boxes to all offer the Blanket of Love to parents and very recently SiMBA have supported the project by arranging the printing of the Blanket of Love cards that are given with the Blankets so the parents are aware of their significance.

“The blanket of love is one of the only things that has touched your baby, and knowing that makes it all the more precious to know that you will keep that memory for ever, it will never bring back your baby but knowing you can go to their box any time and touch and smell things that has been close to your baby gives some comfort.”
“It is so, so, very special, it was wrapped against Elia all the time whilst we held her. Every night I hold Elia’s blanket of love and say goodnight to my little girl. It is simply one of the most precious things in the world to me, as I feel I am close to Elia whenever I hold her blanket.”

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