SiMBA provides crucial bereavement support to anyone affected by the loss of a baby at any gestation, or after birth. SiMBA's mission is to ensure that every bereaved family is offered a memory box at the earliest opportunity, and provided with private comfortable spaces, with the facilities, that allow them to spend as much time as they need with their babies. To make timeless memories we work closely with healthcare workers so they feel informed, confident and supported in their roles so that they can provide the highest level of care to bereaved families. We also provide ongoing opportunities and events for bereaved families to honour their babies.

We are seeking to recruit volunteers to help with our day to day office administration and facilitate our monthly support groups.

All of our volunteer support group facilitators are trained by Child Bereavement UK. Everyone has attended a 2 day residential course fully funded by SiMBA to ensure that they are offering the best possible support to those who attend our monthly support groups. In addition each volunteer support group facilitator will also receive a quarterly support call from Child Bereavement UK to ensure that they are personally receiving the support that they need to allow them to support others 


If you would like to discuss a vacancy please email