Meet the Millers: tackling the 2.6 Challenge for SiMBA!

Meet the Millers! SiMBA’s first 2.6 Challenge event participants are fully signed up and wait till you see what they’ve got planned for the days ahead!

Become a homehero and join the 2.6 Challenge that's sweeping the nation!

Join The 2.6 Challenge from Sunday 26 April 2020 for SiMBA!

We are still here. You are not alone.

We want to do everything we can to support you through this difficult time. Our Ambassador, Lisa Hague, who is also a bereaved parent has recorded a special message for you about how you can access support from SiMBA. #SiMBASupport #SupportSiMBA

Download your SiMBA Mothers Name Word Cloud

On Mother’s Day we asked you to share bereaved mothers names. Whether you chose to share your name or the name of those closest to you. We wanted a place to bring all our names together - click to read more ..

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Important Update

The situation around Coronavirus and the risks posed are changing rapidly. Please click though to read the steps that our Board of Trustees and Management have out in place to allow SiMBA to continue to offer support as best as we can...

COVID-19 Information for pregnancy

For anyone currently pregnant or planning a pregnancy we wanted to share this information, as we understand pregnancy after a loss is a worrying enough time so we want to help you in any way that we can to reduce this worry.

Thank you to our Corporate Partners for your support

We would like to say a huge thank you to AEGON, Plexus, Inverclyde Council and Spar / C J Lang & Son who together have donated £46,648.22 to support SiMBA

Inverclyde Council tops up Tree of Tranquility fundraising drive

We would like to say a huge thank you to Councillor Stephen McCabe, Leader, Inverclyde Council and their Policy & Resources Committee for donating £10,000 to SiMBA to complete the fundraising for the Inverclyde Tree of Tranquillity.

Plexus donates £10,331.18 to support SiMBA

Thank you everyone in Plexus who raised £10,331.18 to support SiMBA!

Aegon donates £25317.04 to support SiMBA

Aegon UK staff donate £25317.04 to support SiMBA after a year long fundraising drive.