“Leaving the hospital with nothing but a memory box was  heartbreaking, but leaving without it would have been worse.”

Sharing stories is an amazing way to raise awareness for a subject; but when a parent shares their story, which is very emotional and hard to say and hear, it really brings home, in this circumstance the importance of Memory Boxes and the memory making opportunities that they can create.  Steven & Lauren, Kerry and Jessica, have proudly shared their stories in the video below to help to raise awareness of the importance of Memory Making and spending time together with your baby. We would like to thank the families for sharing their stories with us all. 

In October SiMBA proudly launched our new Memory Boxes. We believe that if used correctly they will give every parent who receives one at the most devastating time of their lives, the best opportunity for memory making and spending the most precious time with their baby, with guidance from the health-care staff who are supporting them.

By donating a SiMBA Memory Box, you are actively helping to break taboos, enhance bereavement care and acknowledge every baby as an individual. This Christmas YOU can make a difference to one family by donating the cost of a Memory Box.


  • £10 would allow us to gift a small memory box acknowledging a tiny baby under 14 weeks gestation

  • £35 would allow us to gift a medium box to support families who lose a baby between 14-24 weeks gestation 

  • £40 would allow us to gift a large memory box to support families whose baby is lost over 24 weeks gestation
Please help us to raise awareness for this campaign and share #giftasimbamemorybox