Losing a baby is a very isolating experience, and as a charity, we support lots of families and individuals across the UK, and beyond, affected by the loss of a baby.  

We want to do everything we can to support you through this difficult time. 
Our Ambassador Lisa Hague, who is also a bereaved parent, has recorded a special message for you explaining how you can still access support from SiMBA. 
As Lisa has said, we and our volunteers are working tirelessly, during this period of home working, in order to provide the support that bereaved families need.  
This means cancelling face-to-face support groups and working out of hours, through the week (and sometimes weekends), so that those who need the support can come together online, via Zoom, for a cuppa and a chat with our amazing staff and volunteer facilitators.  Visit our Support Group page HERE for more details.  


Please do ask for help if you need help. We do know how isolating it is if you’ve lost a baby.  We do know there are just times that you need comfort and support from others. 

We are still here.  You are not alone.  

From Lisa, and everyone at SiMBA, sending you lots of love. xxx


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