Become a SiMBA star and create light in the darkest times


The demand for our services is greater than ever and we urgently need your support to continue to be there for every family when they need us most 


“We will always treasure Finlay’s Memory Box, his little hand and footprints, his blanket of love and our pictures of him. He will always be part of our lives, but thanks to SiMBA, we have something tangible to remind ourselves of him, something we can look at, something we can touch.” 


A regular committed gift allows us to plan for the future and make sure we can be there for every family who has been touched by baby loss. You can set up a monthly, quarterly, or yearly donation of any amount and however you choose to give, know that your support will be giving families the most precious gift of memories, and creating light in the darkest times 


Please if you can, complete the form below to set up your gift.


“As a couple we were able to spend such precious time with Odin in our Family Room. This room offered us the opportunity to spend cherished time with him and allowed us to prepare to say goodbye to him in a peaceful tranquil place.” 


We rely completely on the generosity of our supporters to provide our vital services, so we can’t thank you enough for however you choose to give. 


£10 could gift families a leaf on a Tree of Tranquillity, providing a place to remember and honour their baby 

£50 could gift bereaved families a Memory Boxhelping to create precious memories with their baby 

£100 could help refurbish Family Rooms in hospitals, offering the opportunity to spend precious time with their baby and prepare to say goodbye in a peaceful and private space 


“Our twin’s hearts stopped around eight weeks, SiMBA helped so much by acknowledging them as babies who had died. We didn't get far in our journey with them, no happy scans, no kicks, no cuddles, having the memory box made them real, they existed, and they are remembered. For that I'll be forever grateful.”