Can you join our Captain Tom 100 Challenge and #SupportSiMBA ?

ūü¶č You can create your own fundraising challenge and do something 100 times OR You can take part in our first ever Virtual Butterfly Release ūü¶č

Like Captain Tom, SiMBA supports the NHS by donating our Memory Boxes to over 300 hospitals in the UK and Northern Ireland, works closely with NHS staff and bereaved families to implement our bespoke Family Room projects, and together with CHAS we deliver bereavement training for healthcare professionals. We simply could not provide any of our services without our fundraisers and donors and we need your support to sustain these vital services. ūü¶č


Create your own fundraising challenge and do something 100 times


You¬†could¬†stroll¬†100¬†lengths of your garden,¬†run 100 meters, knit/crochet 100 items for¬†our Memory Boxes,¬†score¬†100 goals, bake¬†100 cakes, climb 100 stairs, hop 100¬†times, build 100 sandcastles, write¬†a 100-word poem, flip 100 pancakes. Or for those who want something more challenging you could walk / run / cycle 100km¬†‚Äď anything at all, inside or outside. It‚Äôs your chance to do it your way!¬†


Be part of our first Virtual Butterfly Release 



The SiMBA Butterfly Release is a unique annual event. It is a truly wonderful way to remember and honour our babies. However, it has been 18 months since we have been able to hold a physical Butterfly Release and we have been inspired by Captain Tom to create an event virtually for 2021.  
To join in, create a butterfly over the Captain Tom 100 weekend of Friday 30th April through to Monday 3rd May and if you would like, include your baby’s name as part of your design. Take a photo*, share your picture on social media (if you choose), donate any amount to support SiMBA using the unique SiMBA link below, then email your photo to us so we can include your butterfly as part of our Virtual Butterfly Release which will be premiered on the 19th of June. Our goal is to have 100’s of butterflies included in this event. 

Remember to use #SupportSiMBA #CaptainTom100 & tag SiMBA in your social media posts too.  

To celebrate all that we achieve this weekend
, we will then premiere a Virtual Butterfly Release on 19th June using all the images we are sent from across the UK and Northern Ireland. This will be the first Butterfly Release that we have ever held where, no matter where you are, everyone can find comfort coming together to honour our babies.  

For your picture to be included in our virtual Butterfly Release please email your photographs to us at by Monday 10th May. Please note that we will only use photos that are emailed to us in our Virtual Butterfly Release, by emailing us your butterfly creation photo we will take this as your consent for your photo to be included in our Virtual Butterfly Release video. 


 Or click on the picture below to make a donation


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