In 2023, SiMBA will receive requests for around 11,000 priceless Memory Boxes which will then be gifted to bereaved parents across the UK.  

We can only fulfil  these requests with your help.  SiMBA receives little Government or NHS funding and we rely on the generosity of our valued supporters to continue providing priceless memories to grieving families. 

In November 2022, after experiencing a significant and worrying shortfall in funds, we launched this Urgent Appeal with a target of £220,000. Since then, over three thousand generous supporters have gone above and beyond to help us get there. You are our SiMBA Saviours. You have enabled the Charity to survive one of the most challenging times in our history, with our much-loved Memory Boxes continuing to reach every bereaved family who needed one at their most traumatic time of loss.

Thanks to this, SiMBA has avoided closure. BUT the next few months are a critical time for the Charity. We are depending on the ongoing generosity of our supporters in keeping SiMBA safe so we can continue sending out our Memory Boxes with a steadiness and reliability. This year, we predict that around 11,000 bereaved families will request a Memory Box to create unique and priceless memories to honour their little one.

We are committed to making sure that no bereaved parent will leave hospital without precious memories in their arms. In the aftermath of their loss, the whole family will gain comfort and strength by sharing and chatting about the contents of their baby's Memory Box (including; hand and foot prints, a wisp of hair, a tealight candle, a birth acknowledgment, a pair of tiny knitted teddies and blankets, a supportive letter from another bereaved parent and even a children's book to read to the baby and later to siblings.) We are proud to say that our Memory Boxes are meticulously put together by our dedicated volunteers with love, care and compassion. No one should go through the loss of a cherished baby alone.

Please, if you can, donate here and leave a message in memory of your baby.

Share our Keeping SiMBA Safe message far and wide; Share, comment, link and tag using hashtag #Givingmemories. #Keeping SiMBA Safe

From everyone at TeamSiMBA, we want to personally thank you for your continued generosity and support.

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    We expect to receive requests for around 11,000 priceless Memory Boxes in 2023. We can only fulfil these requests with your help.

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