SiMBA is proud to announce the launch of ‘Fundraising in Memory’.  

Fundraising in memory is such a beautiful thing to do in your baby’s memory. Setting up an In Memory page offers the opportunity for you, and those close to you, to support the work of SiMBA in your baby / babies’ memory.

In Memory pages can be set up at any time.  They can be created to celebrate special days, birthdays, anniversaries, events and festive times to create precious memories throughout the years by giving your family and friends a special place to write a message for your baby/babies’.

Your page will offer the opportunity for friends, family and colleagues to make one off gifts, or donations on special anniversaries, showing their support, whilst supporting the work of SiMBA. Making a donation is such an expressive and positive action to take in honour of your baby.

Thanks to your thoughtful support, through creating your ‘In Memory’ page in your baby / babies’ memory, we can reach more bereaved families. Donations allow SiMBA, a leading charity across the UK, to continue to donate Memory Boxes to hospitals and hospices across the UK and Ireland, support campaigning that aligns with SiMBA, lead on bereavement education, and bring people together at special remembrance events.

To start fundraising In Memory, please simply click:  

For more information, please contact us on