We are very proud to unveil the new SiMBA snood designed by our competition winner Rebecca Scouller. Rebecca studied Graphic Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College in Dundee and now works for Forestry and Land Scotland formerly known as The Forestry Commission'


Rebecca said : "When my Aunty Lesley (Crow) mentioned to me that the charity organisation she volunteered for, SIMBA for were looking for a snood design I jumped to the challenge. I’m still a fairly new graduate from DJCAD you see, and although I have secured a fantastic job as a graphic designer for Forestry and Land Scotland I still enjoy the odd little personal challenge do to in my spare time. 

This was such a lovely wee project to work on, it was a fresh challenge and something completely unrelated to what I do in my day job. At university we were encouraged to produce work that had a philanthropic or charitable element, however it was always fictitious and didn’t hold any real value in the world. So on this occasion it’s been nice to design something that will become a real thing! Even better that it stands for such a good cause. 

Looking back at it now I’m really happy with the outcome. It was a really rewarding little design project and it helped me to learn more about what the charity stands for and all the good work they do. I’d like to thank my Aunty Lesley for bringing this opportunity to my attention and also helping answer any questions or queries I had during the process. I hope the snood captures the essence of the charity and symbolises all the good work everyone does!"


The SiMBA snood (as modeled by Luke Archibald below) is lightweight, colourful and very versatile, you can wear it as a neck warmer or as a face mask :



but you could also make it a ...

  1. Sun Guard – cover your chin in the front and pull the back up and over the back of your head; works great with a baseball cap or helmet
  2. Hood – keep the front under your chin and pull the back up and over the whole top of your head
  3. Balaclava – start with the hood and then grab material from below your chin and double it up and over to cover your nose
  4. Beanie – twist it in the middle then pull top section down over the bottom to make a cap shape
  5. Bandana – tie a knot to make a cap shape
  6. Sahariane – lay flat on your head with openings facing front and back; hold inside with one hand over your forehead and use other hand to pull top layer towards back of head to secure
  7. Head Band – start with a scarf then pull up
  8. Head Scarf – just like a hair band but also pull the top back to cover your hair
  9. Scrunchie – wrap it around the top of your pony tail

Our snoods are currently sold out but we'll add the link again once they are back in stock.