“It was just so perfect and well thought out. It felt beautiful to be there for my baby” 

We are so heartened to have been able to bring our Butterfly Remembrances back in-person this summerOur first event took place in Oban on 9th July and last weekend we held services in Airedale and Galashiels. Our Remembrance Events continue across the summer and we are very excited to be live streaming our Edinburgh Butterfly Remembrance on August 27th so you can also join us virtually from wherever you are. 

For a list of locations and details of how to sign up click here :https://www.simbacharity.org.uk/what-we-do/remembrance-events/ 

SiMBA CEO, Sara Fitzsimmons, said “It’s wonderful to be able to hold these special occasions again to bring together family, friends, healthcare professionals, and the community to honour all our babies in a gentle way.To hear how these Remembrances help the families we support means so much to our team.” 

It has encouraged my daughter's name to be heard. It brought me close to her.” 

When you sign up, we will create a wooden butterfly as a keepsake that will be displayed as part of the event and gifted to take home with you.We will also gift you a packet of wildflower seedsand encourage you to plant them somewhere meaningful to you. To plant these seeds and watch them grow can be incredibly special. We hope you find comfort in watching these flowers grow, attracting butterflies in their natural habitat. 

This year the Scottish Government has supported the Butterfly Remembrance events, although you can still make a donation to support our services when you register. Any additional donations that you make will allow us to continue to be there, supporting anyone affected by baby loss: 


“It's helped us to keep the memory of our baby alive” 

 “We found it special that all the ages of families are there, families that have lost years ago to families that have lost in the last months, nice to think that we can remember our babies in this way”

Click here for a list of locations / choose your venue then complete the short form to sign up for the event :https://www.simbacharity.org.uk/what-we-do/remembrance-events/ 

“The event has let us know we are not alone and that there are people out there who have been through it as well.

 For more information on how you can support SiMBAmake a one-off donation or sign up to give a regular gift click here  Donate | SiMBA Charity, Simpsons Memory Box Appeal