Join our Christmas Eve Remembrance Event

This Christmas Eve we invite you to to join us at 7pm as we come together to light a candle in memory of all the babies who lit up our lives.

As part of the event we will show images of supporters' candles, each lit in memory of their baby, and each as individual and unique as the baby they represent. We would love to show as many candle images as we can, and this is where you could help. To take part in this event please email a picture of your lit candle to by Tuesday 7th December.


Your gift can create light in the darkest times 

At  SiMBA,  we want to ensure that everyone affected by the loss of a baby, at any gestation, is given the best possible care and support and we simply wouldn't be able to do that without your help. We need you now, more than ever, to donate if you can, to help us. 
  • Keep The Candle Burning

    Keep the Candle Burning, in memory of all the babies who lit up our lives. Your gift can create light for thousands of families in the darkest of times.

    Donate now

There are a few ways you can help and support our Keep the Candle Burning campaign:

  • Donate - click on the box above to donate straight to our campaign page
  • Hold an event - Why not organise a fundraising event, tag us in on social media and tie it to our campaign page
  • Share - Help us reach more people by sharing campaign posts on your own social media
  • Email - Send a photo of your lit candle to by 7th December to be part of our Christmas Eve remembrance event **


Your support will help us to create light in the darkest of times.  


I really don’t think I can break it down into words. This box has been a huge strength for me and helped me through all the different stages of my grief. I will be forever thankful to this amazing charity. Every single item in my box holds a special memory, I was worried I would forgot to do something before we said our goodbyes but this box covered every single area, things I would never have thought about. Thanks again! 

** Please note - by emailing your photo, you are consenting to its use by SiMBA.