SiMBA were delighted to be at the screening of the HG Productions documentary 'Labour of Love' in the BBC studios in Glasgow on the 2nd of October. The documentary will be shown at the start of Baby Loss Awareness Week on the 9th October at 9pm on BBC Alba (TV channel).

Helena Gallagher, producer met Lisa Hague our SiMBA Ambassador, at a Lola Commons for SiMBA event 5 years ago, at the time Helena had an ambition to do a documentary on baby loss, and despite a few knock backs, Helena never gave up and then received the news that BBC Alba amazingly wanted to support her project.

Sara Fitzsimmons and Susan M Simpson, from SiMBA were honored to be able to give support and advice to Helena whenever she needed it, often over a coffee in a Glasgow cafe.

The documentary is a true insight into real peoples stories, honest, emotional and beautiful, told through those families who have lived through baby loss, together raising much needed awareness through the voice of those families. Màiri Rodgers, who the documentary follows throughout, tells the story of her daughter Annie, finding strength talking and learning from the parents she talks too. Lisa Hague, Kris and daughter April, talk openly and honestly about the loss of Lola and how baby loss affects each family member in a different way, while remembering Lola in a very positive way, talking about her ever day.

Lisa was filmed during her recent 23 mile Glasgow Kiltwalk, where Lisa had the chance to meet parents also walking, while sharing their stories along the way. At the end of the Kiltwalk an emotional Lisa was met by by a lady Kathryn holding her baby, a twin, whose identical brother died soon after birth. Kathryn said herself after the screening how Lisa was the one who helped her in the early days after her loss through her honesty and openness about Lola and by following her on Instagram, she saw that people who lose a baby can go on to live a normal life, a 'new normal'.

Kim from Zaagi tells the story of daughter Sarah, and how her search to find something beautiful to dress her daughter was a difficult one. Kim, turned the stillbirth of her daughter into a very positive mission, to make beautiful outfits for even the smallest of baby, out of material made from donated wedding dresses.

Annie Ludlow talks beautifully of her daughter Grace, supporting the documentary, raising awareness through sharing her own story.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the documentary after you have watched it on the 9th October. Please share the information so others can know watch it too. It will be available on Iplayer for 4 weeks after the 9th.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing