Back in May Sara was running a Memory Making teaching session in the Queen Elizabeth Maternity in Glasgow. On the day Lisa Hague, SiMBA Ambassador, went along to chat to staff about her story and help to make a difference. While they were in a couple were in the Family Room, meaning only one thing, that sadly another baby had died.

The mother in the room, Heather, said to the midwife that while travelling to Elgin the year before she had heard a lady on the radio talk about when she lost her first baby, never held or saw her, something that she has regretted every day since. This interview had a massive impact on Heather, never, ever imagining she would ever be in that position herself. As she now was, she knew that she had to see and hold her baby. The lady on the radio was Lisa Hague and by pure co-incidence Lisa was there helping with the teaching session. 

When Lisa became aware of stricken mother Heather she rushed to be at her side and over the next two days spent time with Heather and her family.

Lisa and Heather recently gave an incredibly honest, moving and empowering interview on the Kaye Adams show (1 hour 12mins to 1 hour 42mins) which you can listen to here.

Three months after the first meeting, SiMBA held their second teaching session at the Queen Elizabeth maternity and Heather went along to meet the staff and help with the training. Heather felt strong enough to tell her story about her and her partner Lewis's daughter Aeryn. Thank you for making a difference.