Natalie, David, Caleb and Blake Miller are the first to set up a 2.6 Challenge event page for SiMBA.

Natalie, a vlogger, has supported SiMBA since 2018 following the loss of her son, Aspen, and has been home isolating since the pandemic began.  

Natalie said:

“We decided to get involved with the 2.6 challenge as SiMBA has provided us with invaluable support over the past 2 years after losing our babies in pregnancy.

Without the financial support of fundraising then they couldn’t continue to operate and the loss of such a special and much needed service would be devastating.

We originally thought we couldn’t do much from in our house...but how wrong were we?” 

Click on the video below to see just what they’ve got in store!


If you’d like to follow The Millers as they go through their challenges you can view them on Facebook

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    From Sunday 26 April 2020, we are asking you to dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 to raise funds for SiMBA. Just click on the link below to begin your fundraising journey

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