We would like to say a massive thank you to Lauren Brydson and the D&G Fundraising Committee (Jill Cameron, Karen Little, Becky Little, Lindsay Temlett, Nicole Clark, Rachael Brown, Louise Copeland and Claire Burgess ) who have raised over £27,000 to fund the installation of a Tree of Tranquillity in the grounds of the Crichton Trust in Dumfries.

Lauren said “We chose to fundraise for SiMBA, as after we lost our baby girl Taylor in 2017, while living in Livingston we received a SiMBA Memory Box from St Johns Hospital. We had no idea that anything like this even existed, and were happy to know we had something to help remember the most delicate of memories.”

I’ve used fundraising to find a purpose to help with my loss, we unfortunately went on to suffer 5 losses, one being our Son Robbie, who was born prematurely and lived for just 6 hours. After we lost Robbie, I felt determined to have a place in Dumfries for families to go.”

Lauren contacted SiMBA on the 23rd March 2019 and within days had established the D&G Fundraising committee who went onto raise a staggering £27,289: “The committee just almost happened over night. From suggesting the idea of fundraising for a Tree, family and friends just got on board, sharing the same enthusiasm as I did. It was what I really needed at that time, it gave us all a purpose after dealing with our own individual grief. We all had different skills to help with the planning of the different fundraisers we held, we made a great team”. 


The team organised a series of fundraising events which culminated in their Little Footprints ball hosted by Amy Irons that raised an amazing £7,605.17

Lynsi Mills, who fundraised for SiMBA following the loss of her son Harison, connected with the D&G Committee said: “’The tree will mean so much to me, as someone who struggles to go to the graveyard as I don’t find it comforting it will be lovely to have somewhere to go to remember Harison. It will also be nice to be able to go there with my little boy Kaii also.”


Sara Fitzsimmons, CEO, SiMBA said “Lauren and her team have been inspirational fundraisers for SiMBA, are an amazing example of what can be done when a community gets behind a project. It was an honour to be able to meet with the Lauren, Lynsi and the D&G committee and to be able to thank them personally for all their hard work.”

Lauren has worked closely with the SiMBA team throughout this project and spent a day with Sara and Gillian looking at possible sites in the area before choosing The Crichton Trust.

Gwilym Gibbons, Chief Executive of The Crichton Trust said: “The Crichton has long been a place of peace and reflection. We are humbled that the grounds have been chosen as a home for a Tree of Tranquillity and all the loved and lost lives it will represent. We believe the surroundings of The Crichton will through the seasons provide a beautiful backdrop to such a very special tree”. 

When asked why the Trees of Tranquillity are so important, Lauren said – “I think the idea of the Tree of Tranquillity is beautiful, and so important for families. The tree will give families a place to go to remember their baby, especially for those who had earlier losses and didn’t have the opportunity for a funeral. It will also be a stunning and powerful way to show the love we all have for our precious babies, and it will bring people together.” 

Sara added “We currently have 8 Trees of Tranquillity installed, with funds in place (or being raised) to support another 4. The Trees of Tranquillity are not just for the newly bereaved but also those who sadly lost their baby many years ago. I would like to thank The Crichton Trust, who have been incredibly supportive of this project. We are here to support anyone affected by the loss of a baby.  In this difficult time it is so important to remember the support that is available and that one day we will be able to come together again to remember our babies.”

Please note that whilst you can request your leaf(leaves) at no charge, now through our website (add link), we cannot send your leaf(ves) to you until our office fully re-opens. The Tree of Tranquillity will be installed in the grounds of the Crichton Trust later this year.

For more information please email Gillian Wells on gillian.wells@simbacharity.org.uk


You can read more about Lauren and the D&G Fundraising Committee here :