Nominate SiMBA to receive £1000 through Ecclesiastical's ‘Movement for Good’ award.

If SiMBA received £1000 through your nominations, then we would be able to install a Story Board at each of our Tree of Tranquillity sites, explaining the sentiment and importance of each leaf and how to contact SiMBA to request a leaf.

You may have seen on our recent social media posts that there has been damage to both our Glasgow and Dumfries Trees of Tranquillity. Looking at all our sites, to those who do not know about or understand the meaning and sentiment behind all our Trees, we believe that a story board will help to explain our beautiful sculptures. We hope that by having these boards in place they will help to raise awareness and we believe significantly reduce risk of any future damage. £1000 will allow us to purchase the boards all we need is your support.

It's so easy to vote, just click on the link, confirm your name, email etc then click submit:

THANK YOU for helping to make a difference.
Please note that voting closes on Sunday 13 June 2021.