Sara Fitzsimmons, CEO of SiMBA will be 50 on the 26th of February. Disappointed and saddened that she couldn't go to her planned holiday of a lifetime to Australia, or spend time celebrating with family and friends, Sara is turning this around and focusing on creating a way that she can celebrate and one that others could become involved in too. 

"Talking to friends and seeing posts on social media that others are feeling down and deflated too due to current times made me realise that I needed motivation and that I wanted to do something more, so I've created this challenge for the charity to inspire and motivate others tooThrough SiMBAI’ve met and supported so many people over the last 15 years and their strength and courage has truly been an inspiration to me. Everybody's story and experience are different, and people's own inspiration and motivation is what comes from within them." 

So, what's the challenge? We are looking for 49 people to join Sara and create their own challenge, something that motivates and inspires you, and something you can do FIFTY times before the 26th of February! You could run or walk 50 miles, bake 50 cupcakes, knit 50 blankets for our Memory Boxes, or even jump 50 times a day on a trampoline, the choice is endless and it's all yours, it comes from within. Your challenge will have to be within Government guidelines, and you need to complete your challenge by the 26th of February. 

To take part 

  • Decide on your challenge 

  • Email to let us know that you're taking part in Sara's 50 for 50 Challenge  

  • Set up your own Just Giving Page for ‘Sara’s 50 for 50’ challenge through our campaign page (just click on the link at the bottom of this page). 

We'll list your name and challenge 1 – 50 below. If you have a number that represents something special to you, as long as it’s still available, we will allocate that challenger number to you. 

The Campaign page will show the total amount raised from all the fundraising pages. As a thank you everyone who signs up to join this challenge will receive a SiMBA snood. 

Challenger 50 – Sara's challenge - "I live close to both North Berwick Law and Traprain Law and on a recent walk looking at their height I realised that if I climbed them 50 times, I would be climbing more than the height of Mount Everest. So, my challenge, is to climb a mix of both of these hills 50 times bmy 50th birthday on the 26th Feb." 

We haven’t set a target for this campaign because every penny really does count and it’s a nice thing to do and we are very grateful for any support that we receive. If you would prefer to make a donation to this page, in your own name or in memory of your baby or a baby close to you, rather than setting a challenge then it would be amazing to know that we have your support behind us!  

"Good luck to everyone and thank you for making my 50th birthday so very special."