In late November 2022, SiMBA estimated that the charity needed to raise £220,000 to plug the gap left by a temporary shortfall in forecasted income. 

This would help ensure that our finances could recover enough to continue delivering our charitable purposes; providing Memory Boxes, maintaining our existing Family Rooms in hospitals and preserving our Trees of Tranquillity.  In addition, over the coming months, SiMBA needs to build up a ‘cushion’ of sustainable funding to protect the charity from returning to this position in the future. This equates to 3 months’ reserves.

We have been working hard with the support of individuals, businesses, and Trusts to bring in as much funding as possible.  Encouragingly, there are many events and activities in the pipeline over the next 6-12 months to help bring in significant income.  We have also been focussing on securing more regular support from Trusts and Foundations and Corporate partnerships for longer term sustainability.

We are working closely with our Trustees in monitoring our financial position carefully and frequently.  We have identified and we are actioning ways that we can make long term savings. You have our reassurance that we will keep everyone informed and updated. Our focus is to continue this momentum over the coming months.  A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated to our appeal so far, joined organised events, or held their own event to help #SaveSiMBA, your support has been incredible.

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