SiMBA are delighted to be holding our largest ever Scottish Highlands Butterfly Release on Saturday 30th of June in Inverness Botanic Gardens where we will be releasing over 100 butterflies and supporting over 200 guests. We are also honoured to be joined by Provost Helen Carmichael and John Finnie MSP who will each be reading for us on the day.

When a baby dies, whether it's because of miscarriage, stillbirth, or neo-natal death, a family has very few memories to sustain and comfort them through a lifetime of missing their baby. SiMBA gently supports families to gather precious memories of the short time their baby was here, aiding health professionals to come alongside families in their hardest times, and offering ongoing support in the weeks, months and years following their baby's death.

The SiMBA Annual Butterfly Releases form a key part of our support. These poignantly beautiful events bring families together in mutual support and understanding as each family releases a live butterfly. As the butterflies take to the air they carry with them the loving thoughts of the family member who has released it.

The first Butterfly Release was a collaboration between SiMBA, Inverness Botanic Gardens, Cobbs and the award winning entomological company Gribblybugs. On 7th Sept 2013, 120 adults and children gathered together at the SiMBA Tree of Tranquility and released 60 specially bred Painted Lady butterflies, a migratory species capable of travelling 1000’s of miles each year.

Since that first release SiMBA has supported over 1000 individuals and we are very proud to be hosting 9 butterfly releases in Caithness, Oban, Inverness, Stornoway, Glasgow, Galashiels, Lochgilphead, Ayrshire and Edinburgh.

If you would like to join our Inverness service from afar, then selected readings will be streamed live on our facebook pages between 12.30pm – 1.20pm.

We would love to see you at your local butterfly release, for full details of all of our release dates please visit :