SiMBA’s Trees of Tranquillity are stunning, hand crafted, copper sculptures where each engraved leaf on the tree honours a baby who has died.

Our unique design is a beautiful symbol of remembrance for bereaved parents and families no matter how long ago their loss; the oldest leaf on any of our trees represent a baby who passed away in 1911. 

Currently in 8 locations in the UK, our Trees provide the means to express a private and public declaration in memory of the lost hopes and dreams for the baby. 

Sometimes quiet, shared actions, such as placing a leaf on the tree, can be more meaningful than words.

Thank you @AndrewFenner for filming such a wonderful video of our Tree in Airedale, West Yorkshire and Galashiels, Scottish Borders and to everyone who shared their story.

For more information on our Trees of Tranquillity and to order a leaf for any of our Trees please click here :

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