We are currently making up a much higher number of requests for our Small Memory Boxes than usual due to recent increased public awareness of SiMBA.  As we are a small Charity and rely on our wonderful volunteers to make up the Memory Boxes with love and care, please bear with us at this time. 

In addition, as of 1st April we will only be providing Memory Boxes of all sizes to individuals families and Hospitals within Scotland.  We would like to explain why here:

At the start of 2023, due to the escalating costs of meeting demand across the UK and Ireland, along with a shortfall in predicted income, SiMBA faced closure by April 2023. Thankfully, the unprecedented generous support from our Urgent Appeal saved the Charity from closure and SiMBA was able to continue gifting Memory Boxes to bereaved families across the whole of the UK and Ireland for the remainder of 2023.

However, the costs of providing Memory Boxes outside of Scotland have become increasingly prohibitive, as requests have risen sharply over the last three years and we have struggled to keep up with the limited resources we have.  The time has come to pause and review; to decide how can we effectively help as many people affected by baby loss as we can, without putting the Charity at risk of falling into a financial crisis again.

We need to take steps to protect SiMBA’s mission and safeguard the Charity’s future so that we can continue to support bereaved parents at their critical time of loss and continue honouring baby loss as we have always done.

After a great deal of careful thought and consideration, we have made the decision to protect the future of SiMBA by returning to our former Charitable activities model; when we were gifting Memory Boxes to those living in Scotland only. SiMBA will continue to maintain, for the present time, our Family Rooms and Trees of Tranquillity.  

We offer a reassurance that there are several other Charities in the rest of the UK and Ireland who provide Memory Boxes.  SiMBA will work closely with them all to allow a seamless transition for individuals and hospitals outside of Scotland who request a Memory Box. 

Who are the other charities who can provide Memory Boxes?

Sands - https://www.sands.org.uk/support-you/how-we-offer-support/memory-box

4Louis- https://4louis.co.uk/(they provide Welsh language and Muslim versions of Memory Boxes) * pronounced ‘for Lewis’

Feileacain- https://feileacain.ie/ (Republic of Ireland)

If you have any comments, thoughts or concerns about this change, please email enquiries@simbacharity.org.uk