SiMBA is delighted to have been chosen as Charity Partner by Sophie’s Sparkle Cleaning Services, working together over the next 12 months to raise funds and awareness that will support families who have been touched by baby loss. 


Sophie’s Sparkles Director, David Walker, says,  

Sophie’s Sparkle Cleaning Services has chosen to support SiMBA as they have played a massive part in our directors’ lives. Most people won’t know that our daughter Sophie was born stillborn back in 2018 and she is the reason the company exists. 

 SiMBA are an amazing charity, and their Memory Boxes are just so comforting during the hardest time in your life. When you are at your lowest moment and you just want to block the world out, their Memory Box allows you to gather the most precious memories of your baby. Within the Memory Box you get lots of amazing items, like the plasticine which allowed us to get hand and footprints of Sophie and an SD card for storing photos.  

We have also attended a butterfly release in Gifford that was held by SiMBA. This allowed us to meet and talk to other people who have been through the same experience as us 

I could keep going on about SiMBA’s Family Rooms in the hospitals, Trees of Tranquillity, their support groups and even their Facebook support group. Everything they do just makes a massive difference to parents and wider families who have suffered such a tragic loss. 

We cannot thank SiMBA enough for what they have done for us as individuals, so we want to give them something back to help other families the way they have helped us. 


Julie Macdonald, Head of Fundraising and Communications at SiMBA, said:  

The principles and ethics that Sophie’s Sparkle Cleaning Services is built upon make it an extremely special business and one that SiMBA is proud to be Charity Partner. The support of Sophie’s Sparkle will make a huge difference to families who have been touched by baby loss, and we can’t thank them enough. 


To learn more about Sophie’s Sparkle Cleaning Services, please visit their website