Although the rate of stillbirth in Scotland has reduced significantly in recent years, this has not been consistent year-on-year and there is still so much more we can do.

Sometimes we don’t know the cause of stillbirth, but we do know there are ways for pregnant women to reduce their risk.

Today, the Stillbirth Public Health campaign has been launched with 3 key messages on how to lower the risk of stillbirth:

  • Go to sleep on your side
  • Don't smoke
  • Monitor your baby's movements

More information on how you can reduce your risk:

  • GO TO SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE (Any side - any sleep) ~ from 24 weeks of pregnancy, it’s safer to go to sleep on your side because when you sleep on your back, the combined weight of your baby and womb puts pressure on other organs in your body. This pressure can affect the blood flow to your placenta which affects the flow of oxygen to the baby. Don’t worry if you wake up on your back, just go back to lying on your side
  • DON'T SMOKE ~ Smoking while pregnant reduces the flow of oxygen to your baby, which increases the risk of stillbirth
  • MONITOR YOUR BABY'S MOVEMENTS ~  At around 24 weeks you might find that your baby starts making more regular movements and you should feel your baby moving right up to and during labour. Get in touch with your midwife or maternity unit straight away, if you are concerned the movements have slowed down or stopped

For further information go to:

The animation, below, has been released today with the key messages, please share.

The new stillbirth campaign has been developed by the Scottish Government led Stillbirth Group, in partnership with NHS Scotland, MCQIC and stillbirth charities, Sands UK, Held in Our Hearts (formerly Sands Lothians) and SiMBA.