Sunday saw a huge amount of engagement and positivity for The 2.6 Challenge, with people all around the country getting involved. Whether at home, in your gardens or tackling a socially distanced physical challenge, we have been overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness.  From our incredible craters knitting and crocheting 2600 of each individual items in just 4 days for our smallest Memory Boxes, to the Edinburgh Edinburgh#3 tri club breaking an unofficial world record, and Haggis the wee westie walking 26 miles. your challenges have been funny, inventive, creative and challenging.

It’s not over yet though, with plenty more challenges to be completed and funds to be raised, we urge you to continue to support SiMBA. You don't have to do a challenge, any donation amount no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. 

We hope The 2.6 Challenge has gone some way towards boosting your spirits, Sara Fitzsimmons, CEO, SiMBA has recorded this very special message to say a personal thank you to you all.


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