The Glasgow Tree of Tranquillity was installed in 2015 in the grounds of Provanhall following a successful fundraising campaign and a great deal of community support. This year the site has been closed for several months and to keep the Tree safe the council erected temporary Heras fencing around the Tree to protect it. We are devastated to let you know that unfortunately even with Heras fencing surrounding the Tree, a branch on the Tree, the bench and surrounding area were vandalised at a time when we had arranged a week of the gardens being open so those who have a leaf on the Tree could visit if they were able to.  

We have been working with the team from Glasgow City Council (GCC), Councillors, the Seven Lochs Regeneration Programme and the local Police to try to address the on-going issues and whilst in the past some damage may have been attributed to weather, there is no doubt at all that the damage to this site this time was malicious, calculated vandalism. The vandalism at Provanhall has not always been just targeted at the Tree, the whole site has often been involved.  

This mindless vandalism has now occurred on several occasions and while we understand that when we put a Tree of Tranquillity in any site that there may be a risk, we feel that we can no longer have confidence that the Tree is safe in its current location and we took the very difficult decision to have the Tree removed. Today the Tree was carefully removed from its site to be repaired and securely stored until we are able to address the future of the Glasgow Tree of Tranquillity.

During this time people won’t be able to see the Glasgow Tree of Tranquillity, however we can assure you that it is being kept safe. 

There are many people in the area surrounding Provanhall who also have a connection with the Tree or have a leaf on the Tree and who take great care and pride in the Tree being within the grounds of Provanhall. We must together remember that the incidents of vandalism are down to a few mindless people who have no right to put any of us in this position and not a reflection on a whole community who have supported us from the outset.

We understand how much the Tree of Tranquillity means and how deeply upsetting this news must be. We have informed all of those who have a leaf on the Tree and all those who recently returned or requested a leaf. We also understand the importance of the Tree where some families have no grave to visit and the Tree, as all our Trees are, become a place to remember, reflect and honour a baby that has died, whether this was recently or many years ago. Taking this into account when we removed the Tree today we added a fixed metal cover over the original base area of the Tree which was secured on as part of this process.

We would like to reassure you that we plan to explore all options and early in 2021 when we will enter into a period of consultation before any decisions are made going forward.

We understand the sadness, hurt and devastation that this news may cause and our team also understands how important the Tree of Tranquillity is to you and to so many others. Your support really does mean the world to us. 

Our thoughts are with all parents and families who have a leaf on any of our Trees as we understand the devastation that this may cause. If you have any questions please email us on and we will come back to you just as soon as we are able to. 

If you would like to donate to support the future of our Glasgow Tree of Tranquillity please click on the link below.

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