The Haydon Kennan Foundation was created in memory of Haydon Kennan, who became an angel at the age of 15 weeks and 2 days. Working in partnership with SiMBA the fund created by Haydon's parents Helen and Jim Kennan, donates clay imprint kits in every medium and large Memory Box, given to parents who lose their baby to create a lasting impression of their baby’s hand and feet. To date the Haydon Kennan Foundation has donated over 3,000 clay imprint kits.  

Helen and Jim understand just how much their gift means to families who receive them; talking about their own clay imprints of Haydon Helen said " We are so grateful to have these and treasure them so much. When Haydon died they became our link to him - we could feel the very individual markings. They were so personal - you could see the little gaps in his toes"

"My husband and I were struggling following Haydon's death and I had a dream that showed me what he wanted me to do. So we set up the foundation in his name. It's his face that gets people to donate and his little personality that drives it, in our minds it is Haydon who created it"

A few tickets are still available for their amazing under the sea celebration in midlothian for just £5 per person (fancy dress optional). To order your tickets please email Helen on


If you can donate an auction or raffle prize for the night then we would also love to hear from you again please email Helen on

Alternatively if you would like to donate to support the foundation and the Memory Box project you can donate here :

Your gift will allow the Haydon Kennan Foundation to continue to donate the clay kits that mean so much to our families.