The SiMBA Wave of Light is a beautiful, short, non-denominational service of poems and music where at 7pm on the 15th of October we ask everyone to join us in lighting a candle to honour our babies. By lighting a candle at this time we join the World Wide Wave of Light, a continuous chain of light and love, encompassing and spanning the whole world for a 24 hour period.

On the 15th of October, to mark the culmination of Baby Loss Awareness Week, our annual 'Wave of Light' event will take place in St Catherine’s Argyle, Edinburgh from 6.45pm. Refreshments will be served afterwards, giving us time to chat, share stories, and support each other. This family friendly event will have beautiful music from Little Voices Big Stars Choir, and Elinor Evans and everyone is welcome. As part of this evening, we also invited you to share your baby/babies name, or the name you know your baby by, and these will be displayed during the event. 

We are so excited to also stream this event LIVE from the venue via our Facebook page, bringing the SiMBA family together, no matter where you are. The Live stream of images will be primarily of our speakers, choir and performers but images may be captured of guests in the distance or passing shots during the event. If you are joining us in Edinburgh, please tick the box below to confirm that you understand that this may be the case.

Please complete the form below to tell us your baby's name and to register, if you are joining us, in Edinburgh on the night.

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