We'd like to welcome our new charity partner the Brighter Consultancy Group Limited 🌟.


The Brighter Consultancy Group Limited have chosen SiMBA as their 2021 local charity, to support and provide fundraising for. Brighter has a long connection with Edinburgh and have therefore been aware of SiMBA and the incredible work they do in supporting women, partners and others close to them who are affected by baby loss for quite some time. The team told us " Losing a baby during pregnancy and around the time of birth is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can go through, and we at Brighter have seen the effect that this can have on our families and loved ones who have suffered such losses. Our aim is to support SiMBA, in any way we can, to continue the remarkable work they do for women and parents who have suffered such awful losses."


We are very excited to work with you, thank you all for your support.