They're with us in the rain or sunshine, they never get grumpy and they always make us smile.

We wanted to dedicate a special post to our wee furry four legged friends !  


Baer worked hard keeping an eye on his Dad, Roger Talbot, to make sure that he completed his 26m cycle for SiMBA. When asked for his thoughts Baer said " My Dad (Roger) doesn't actually seem to do any work at all but I am very proud of him because he looks after me and I am his best friend. My role was vital to the success of the whole challenge and proves what a perfect partnership we have"

Haggis is the SiMBA mascot, a super cute wee Westie who, despite getting soaked on Sunday walked 26miles in a week in memory of his sister Faith. Haggis's wee posts on our 2.6 facebook page have kept us all going 💜

Kirsty Lee would normally be doing the Edinburgh half-marathon for SiMBA, so instead she's decided to run everyday for 26days in a row with her faithful companion Sulley 🐶

Marley has been running 2.6 miles a day with Charlie and Steven 🐶


Elaine Coltman and Marlene Johnson have danced / walked / and smiled for 26 miles and got to know Hamish their local Heelin Coo! 💜

If you have a four legged friend who's helped you through your 2.6 challenge then we'd love to hear from you. Post your pics on our facebook post below!

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