Date:  02/06/2019

Time:  12:30

Location:  Dundee Botanic Gardens

Address:  University of Dundee Botanic Gardens Riverside Drive Dundee DD2 1QH
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Please join us in the beautiful grounds of Dundee Botanic Gardens to unveil our Tayside Tree of Tranquillity and be part of our first Tayside butterfly release.

The Tayside Tree of Tranquillity
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped us to fundraise towards the Tayside Tree of Tranquillity : 

Paul Harris and DawnLouise Campbell in memory of Rae
Unison Tayside Healthcare Branch
Tayside Sands
The incrediible staff in Ninewells Hospital
And all the individuals who have donated to support this project. 

The SiMBA Tayside Tree of Tranquillity is a stunning hand crafted copper sculpture, where each leaf on the tree represents a baby who has died. The Tree of Tranquillity honours our babies in a simple, quiet way and will effectively ‘grow’ as individual leaves are added. It is not just for the newly bereaved but also for parents who sadly lost their baby years ago and were perhaps provided with little or no recognition of their baby’s existence. The Tree provides the means to express a private and public declaration in memory of the lost hopes and dreams for the baby.

It is a beautiful symbol of remembrance. If you would like to have a leaf added to the Tayside Tree of Tranquillity please click here :

The Butterfly Release
This is a family friendly event where we encourage guests from all ages to join us. There will be a short service before the butterflies are released followed by time for reflection and refreshments. 

We ask that guests arrive from 12.30pm as the release service will begin at 1.00pm, tea / coffee and biscuits will be served afterwards. 

We suggest a donation of £15 which covers the cost of one butterfly, venue hire, entertainment and refreshments for you and your party. 

To order your butterfly and to confirm your place at the release, please click on the link below : 


If you would like to order more than 2 butterflies or if the suggested donation would restrict you from attending this event please contact Gillian on or call 0131 353 0055.

More about our butterflies:
Our butterfly supplier Tim, is an award winning educator in his field who breeds butterflies in a disease free environment who can cope with the conditions throughout the UK. These butterflies go on to replenish the dwindling numbers of butterflies in the wild. 

SiMBAs On-line support
We have closed facebook groups specifically to support those affected by the loss of a baby, a group for men only, grandparents, those who wish to share their babies photos. The groups are available 24 hours a day, giving families access exactly when they need it. The groups are monitored by our trained page administrators on a daily basis. To join any of the groups please click on the links below : - Main Closed facebook page - Men only group - Grandparents group Pregnancy after loss group - Sharing photos closed group 

For further information please visit, call Gillian in the SiMBA office on 0131 353 0055 or email