Our Virtual Wave of Light Event 


Click below to view our 2021 Virtual Wave of Light event. 

We would like to say a special thank you to Pat Lundie, Monica Quinn and Michael Brogan, West Lothian Choir, Elinor Evans, Andrew Fenner and the fifthhouse for making this event possible. This gentle service is a reminder that you are not alone but part of our SiMBA family and community.

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Our Virtual Butterfly Release 🦋  

SiMBA Butterfly Release is a special event that brings families together to honour babies in a gentle and meaningful way. Before the pandemic, during the summer months we held Butterfly Releases at our Tree of Tranquillity sites and at some of our support group locations. SiMBA Butterfly Releases are where we come together to listen to music, songs, readings and poems and a poignant part of our service is when families and those close to them release butterflies to honour their babies. After each service there is time to talk openly with other bereaved families, health care professionals and members of the SiMBA team.  

As we couldn’t hold our Butterfly Releases this year we organised a virtual Butterfly Release which you can see below. We hope that you enjoy this very special event, although we couldn't meet in person, we are excited to be holding this event for the very first time. We would like to say a special thank you to Roma Bell, Dr Gillian Smith, Marie Clare Tully, Bryan Griffin, Little Voices Big Stars, Elinor Evans, Andrew Fenner and Jonny Kermode from the fifthhouse for making this event possible.

#SupportSiMBA #VirtualButterflyRelease #Youarenotalone 



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