Your support has helped us to completed many family rooms

We are delighted to have completed the following family room projects:

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the fundraisers who have supported these projects, please click the links to the individual projects to find out more. Your continued support will allow us to purchase equipment and upkeep these Family Rooms for families to continue to use when they need it most.

"The support from SIMBA in developing the Butterfly and Family Rooms within the Neonatal Unit of the Royal Hospital for Children at the QEUH, Glasgow has been invaluable in creating a dignified environment for parents and families to spend precious time together with their baby before and after death.  Such time and memories can never be replaced.

Families have appreciated the privacy, design, comfort and personal touches that access to these rooms have afforded, as well as the reassurance of knowing that Neonatal Staff are nearby to provide support at any time.

From the perspective of the Neonatal Staff the rooms are very much appreciated as they have given us the opportunity to support families away from the clinical environment of an Intensive Care Unit in a calm and tranquil setting.  We are very proud that the design chosen by the development team will now be used as the blue print for similar rooms across NHS Scotland."

Dr Lesley Jackson
Neonatal Consultant and Bereavement Group Member
Neonatal Unit Royal Hospital for Children
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

February 2020

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