With your amazing support we have reached our fundraising goals for the following family rooms and we're now working with the hospitals, contractors and our suppliers on completing these projects:

  • Borders General Hospital, Melrose. 
  • Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (Phase 2)
These projects are now underway, you can see the current facilities and the artist impressions below. We will post images of the completed refurbishments as soon as they are ready.
  • The Refurbishment in the Borders General Family Room 2020

    SiMBA are working to refurbish the Eildon Family Room in the Borders General Hospital, Melrose.

    Refurbishment of the Borders General Hospital
  • The Refurbishment of the RIE Family Room

    SiMBA are working to refurbish 2 family rooms in Simpsons Centre for reproductive Health in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

    Refurbishment in the RIE
  • Support the ongoing fundraising for our Family Rooms

    100% of all funds raised for the Lola Commons fund for SiMBA through this link will be spent on maintaining our family rooms and purchasing vital equipment for them

    Support our Family Rooms