In the family & counseling rooms we have worked on we use Chris Thomson pictures, we chose to use this consistency due to the peaceful and tranquil nature of Chris’s pictures all taken in Scotland.  We work very closely with Chris in choosing the perfect picture for each room, often being allowed to choose from his latest range.

Allowing parents to know where the pictures have came from we display postcards in each of our room’s with some of the chosen pictures, allowing parents to have a memory or t purchase a print directly from his website. Chris will give a 10% donation to SiMBA from any print bought by someone who has spent time in one of or room’s.

A Word from Chris

Photography and in particular Landscape Photography is something that has interested me since I was a young boy when I was given an old instamatic camera by my parents. We regularly had holidays away in the caravan and were usually heading for the Highlands of Scotland where we would undoubtedly end up going for long walks.  I would take my camera along with me and photograph pretty much anything I thought was a nice view. Over the last six or seven years my interest in photography has taken off again and I’ve been following that same passion for the Scottish landscape.

We are very lucky in Scotland to have such a diverse landscape, from the mountainous and very rugged west coast to the gently rolling lands of the east coast. The weather plays its part too, especially when we regularly seem to have four seasons in one day; it can help setup some fantastic conditions for a picture. These are some of the things that inspire me to keep taking the photos I take.

Landscape photography can at times be a very solitary pastime which is great when I simply want to take my mind off everyday life and immerse myself in my surroundings. Being at these locations can be quite therapeutic and this is something that I try to bring in to the images I take, I want to try and pull the viewer in to the picture. I think that the images chosen for the SiMBA family rooms have a certain soothing tranquility or calmness about them which I hope will be a comfort for people who find them using the family room.