In May 2012 SiMBA donated their first Cuddle Cot to the labour ward in Simpson’s Maternity in Edinburgh.

We gifted x 2 fold down beds to Simpson’s labour ward in Edinburgh for the comfort of partners the first on the 16th December 2008 this was donated through money received from John and Katrina Kirkwood in memory of Arran Kirkwood, the second bed was donated in June 2011.

In May 2011 we gifted x2 fold down beds to the Princess Royal Maternity in Glasgow for the comfort of partners as these had been very welcome in Simpsons.

In October a fold down bed was gifted to ward 119 in Simpson’s. The bed was as a result of a donation received after the sale of their own Christmas cards from the staff, parents & pupils at Edinburgh Academy Junior School so partners are able to stay overnight in comfort.

The plaque on the bed reads:

“Donated thanks to the kindness and generosity of the children, parents and staff at the Edinburgh Academy Junior School”.

We gifted a camera to the labour ward in Simpson’s in Edinburgh so photos can be taken at night and weekends then given to the medical photography department for development.

We gifted our second cuddle cot to the maternity unit in the Royal Alexandra in Paisley in October 2012.

We gifted a camera to Ward 10/11 at St Johns’ Maternity in Livingston.

We gifted a camera and printer to the labour ward in the Borders General hospital so staff are able to take and print photos to be given to parents.