No parent can ever imagine having to be told that their baby has died at a stage where they are preparing for a life with their newborn. The shock and numbness is unimaginable. We can guide parents through this tragic but most precious time by gathering these items to create a Memory Box, which will provide forever timeless memories.

The way that we approach families, and the way that we help them to make memories is incredibly important; even the smallest gesture can mean the world. Our job is to empower parents, to take away their fear if we can by encouraging them to hold and cuddle their newborn and create memories that can never be taken away. Each time a parent looks into their Memory Box, we want it to be full of memories; time spent with their baby, time creating the clay imprint kits, inkless certificates, making hand and foot prints together, taking photos together. A Memory Box is often described as a parent's most treasured possession.

SiMBA Memory Box

The Memory Box is more than just a box; it is an essential tool to help parents to gather as many memories as they can of the precious time that they spend with their baby. We supply our Memory Boxes to Maternity, Pregnancy Support, Gynaecology, Neonatal Units, Hospices, and to individuals upon request.

SiMBA now as a result of speaking to parents and staff, have introduced a third size of Memory Box. We have small, medium and large boxes, each designed for a specific gestational loss. We would suggest our large Memory Box for a loss of a baby over 24 weeks gestation, our medium box for a loss between 14 – 24 weeks gestation and our smallest box for a loss of less than 14 weeks gestation. If a family has lost twins or triplets then we would suggest offering more than one Memory Box, although they also many want to keep everything together.

Why A Memory Box?

By gifting a Memory Box to parents and treating their baby as an individual you are helping to break the fear and taboo that can be associated with miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death. Parents will never forget being encouraged and empowered to create their Memory Box; to be supported in making their baby’s imprints, for them to choose and cut where the wisp of hair comes from, supporting parents to write a message in their “Just to Say” card and encouraging them to take pictures of their baby and spend time with them. You are helping to create the most precious memories which will be remembered each time the box is opened, and treasured for a lifetime.

What’s in a Memory Box?

Our Memory Boxes are donated to hospitals and hospices across the UK and Ireland so they can then be gifted to parents and also gifted to individuals on request. Each Memory Box will arrive fully made up and sealed. Every Memory Box is made up by a SiMBA volunteer and prepared with care and attention. Each contains a feedback card to be returned to us so that we can continually look to improve our services.

Our little SiMBA Memory Box is to honour babies under 14 weeks gestation.

Small Memory Box

Our middle sized Memory Box is recommended to create memories with a baby who has died at 14 - 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Medium Memory Box

Our large sized Memory Box is recommended to create memories with a baby who has died over 24 weeks of pregnancy and in to the neonatal period.

Large Memory Box
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    If you are a bereaved parent/parents and you would like to request a SiMBA Memory Box please click here to email the SiMBA team. ** Please note SiMBA currently only supply Memory Boxes to Scotland ONLY*

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