No parent can ever imagine having to be told that their baby has died at a stage where they are preparing for a life with their newborn. The shock and numbness is unimaginable.

As midwives, we can now give parents a Memory Box so they can gather priceless items of their baby. We place a Blanket of Love with their baby soon after birth, which stays with the baby and can later be placed in their box. Midwives can help parents in taking hand and footprints, choose an irreplaceable lock of hair and we can assist with taking photos of their baby. For the smaller, more fragile baby we can provide a nest to cradle the baby in. SiMBA also provides two teddies; remembering the size of the baby next to them. A teddy can be placed in the Memory Box and one kept with the baby, whatever the parents chooses.  We guide the parents through this tragic but most precious time by gathering these items, which will forever prompt timeless memories.