Leaving the hospital without a baby was not something that ever entered my mind other than the fleeting thoughts that every mother has during pregnancy worrying about the health of her unborn child.  When this did happen to my husband and I it was one of the most difficult and distressing days of our lives.  This is where SiMBA stepped in and through the provision of the SiMBA Memory Box helped us get through that day and come to terms with what had happened to us.

The SiMBA Memory Box gave us something tangible to leave the hospital with. It was such an emotional and stressful time that my memory of the day can be a little hazy.  Sophie’s box gives us something to look at, touch and smell that instantly brings our little girl back into focus.

The contents provided allowed us to create some very precious memories as well as providing some structure and giving us something to do at a very difficult time. We were involved in taking hand and footprints and cutting a lock of her hair to put into our Memory box.

Since leaving hospital it has given us something to share with our friends and family – a way of showing off the baby we never brought home.  It has not only helped us come to terms with what has happened but has helped others in dealing with our pain – it has given everyone something to look at and something to talk about. Such a big help at a time when nobody knows what to say or do.

Our box also contained a lot of information on coping with our loss.  People and organisations that could help – lots of information that we could not process at the time but proved very useful in the following months.  Sophie’s Memory Box sits in our bedroom.  Along with our photographs of her and the blankets she was lying on in the neonatal unit, it will always be one of our most treasured possessions.

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