Our middle sized Memory Box is recommended to create memories with a baby who has died at 14-24 weeks of pregnancy. The contents of this memory box have been chosen carefully, to create as many memories as possible with time spent together.

The following are simple recommendations, but there are many other ways to use the items in our Memory Boxes, we would like to hear your stories and see your pictures of how the items were used.

  • Two knitted teddies - Handmade and gifted with love by a SiMBA volunteer.

  • Candle - We use candles to light during the ‘Wave of Light’ at 7-8pm on the 15th october during Baby Loss awareness week, and SiMBA have their Christmas eve ‘Wave of Light”, also 7-8pm. This simple, but poignant action brings parents together across the world. The candle can also be used at any time you choose.

  • Butterfly Charms x2 in Purple Bag- Many parents choose to share a charm with their baby, finding comfort knowing that their baby has the same one.

  • Wooden Star- A star to keep plain, write your baby’s name on, or decorate it in any way to bring comfort. You can hang it up and display or keep it safely tucked away.

  • Photo Folder with SD Card- Taking photographs of your baby is one of the best ways to capture precious memories of our time with them. Each picture taken will help to tell the story of the time you spent together. The important thing is to use this time to take as many photographs as you want, you can also include other family members and friends if you choose.

  • Just to say card- So a message/memory can be written and placed with your baby or kept in your Memory Box.

  • Birth Acknowledgement Certificate in a Presentation folder

  • Notebook with Pen- To write down memories, things that happen, or ask others to choose a page and write a message/memory too.

  • Letter from parent- Mave’s mummy has written a letter from a parent to a parent, so instantly you know you are not alone.

  • Inkless Hand and foot print Certificate with Presentation Folder- Being involved in taking your baby’s prints is something you can do together with the support of staff, and each time you then look at the prints, you will have memories of precious time together.  

  • Clay Imprint Kit- Taking precious impressions of your baby hand and feet, or your hand with theirs, you can take the prints and touch where your baby has touched. If the baby is too fragile you can use this clay kit to make a picture, add parents prints, baby’s name, items you have gathered.

  • Baby wash- A precious time is to be able to bath baby, an opportunity to see all of baby, and wrap them in a towel and cuddle them dry. If baby is fragile, use the baby wash and a cloth to ‘bath’ baby.

  • Knitted blanket- knitted with love and a gift from one of our volunteer knitters.

  • Touched By You blankets, two blankets, knitted the same, one to place with baby, one to place with parents, when it is time to say goodbye, swap the blankets so baby has something that has been close to you and you have something that has been close to baby.

  • Knitted butterfly- To place with baby for photos, to stay with baby or to keep in your Memory Box

  • Memory Box description- Which describes the illustration on the Memory Box which has been painted by artist Lewis MacKenzie.

“We will always treasure Finlay’s Memory Box, his little hand and footprints, his blanket of love and our pictures of him. He will always be part of our lives, but thanks to SiMBA we have something tangible to remind ourselves of him, something we can look at, something we can touch.”

“Your charity made the short time with my little baby so precious and the beautiful box I went home with means the world to me. You made it possible for me to say goodbye to my baby properly.  It was priceless.”

“The memory box was the beginning of Richard and myself capturing those important memories of Baby Jack, it also meant as grieving parents we weren't leaving the hospital with empty arms but an important link to Jack.”



  • Memory Box Order Link for Parents

    If you are a bereaved parent/parents and you would like to request a SiMBA Memory Box please click here to email the SiMBA team. ** Please note SiMBA currently only supply Memory Boxes across the UK and Ireland**

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