Our little SiMBA Memory Box is to honour babies under 14 weeks gestation. Because these babies are so tiny, the contents of each Memory Box represents their existence, rather than the opportunity to create memories of time spent together. We understand how the loss of a baby, even at an early stage of pregnancy can be a very sad time; we understand that the loss of a baby is that of lost hopes and dreams of your future together. The smallest of our Memory Boxes is to show that we care and understand and is something tangible that the hospital staff can give to you, along with any relevant written information they need to share.

The small Memory Box includes the following contents:

  • 2 small knitted teddies, knitted with care and compassion by one of our volunteer knitters

  • Butterfly Charms x2

  • Wooden Star - A star to keep plain, to write on, or decorate it in any way to bring comfort. You can hang it up and display or keep it safely tucked away.

  • Just to Say card- a place to write a message or a memory

  • Birth Acknowledgement Certificate- to write a date and a name

  • Knitted butterfly

  • Small knitted blanket

  • Memory Box description

“Our twin’s hearts stopped around eight weeks, SiMBA helped so much by acknowledging them as babies who had died, we didn't get far in our journey with them, no happy scans, no kicks, no cuddles, having the memory box made them real, they existed and they are remembered for that I'll be forever grateful.

Being given the memory box was the biggest turning point for me. I felt it acknowledged the loss - I had something tangible.”


  • Memory Box Order Link for Parents

    If you are a bereaved parent/parents and you would like to request a SiMBA Memory Box please click here to email the SiMBA team. ** Please note SiMBA currently only supply Memory Boxes across the UK and Ireland**

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