The SiMBA Trees of Tranquillity are stunning hand crafted, life sized sculptures, made from copper, where each leaf on the tree represents a baby who has died. The Tree’s design is unique to SiMBA, and is adorned with individual leaves, each engraved with a personal message. Its aim is to offer bereaved parents the opportunity to honour their baby in a simple, quiet way and will effectively ‘grow’ as leaves are added.

The Tree of Tranquillity is not just for the newly bereaved but also parents who sadly lost their baby years ago and were perhaps provided with little or no recognition of their baby’s existence. The Tree will provide the means to express a private and public declaration in memory of the lost hopes and dreams for the baby. It is a beautiful symbol of remembrance.

Sometimes quiet, shared actions, such as placing a leaf on the tree, can say more and be more meaningful than words. 

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Our Trees

We currently have Trees of Tranquillity in the following areas:

One of SiMBA’s aims is to have a Tree of Tranquillity in every maternity district so that anyone who has ever suffered the loss of a baby has an opportunity to attach their leaf to a Tree close to their home.

We are currently fundraising to have Trees of Tranquillity installed in :

Adding a leaf

SiMBA, at your request, will send you a leaf for any of the Trees of Tranquillity, which you can then have engraved and return to us in the envelope we provide. To request your leaf just complete the form below. Leaves are periodically added to the Tree.