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Address Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Hospital
Skipton Road
West Yorkshire
BD20 6TD

The Tree of Tranquillity is a commissioned life size sculpture which has been provided by SiMBA and funded by Aidan's Elephants. The Tree bears individual leaves which can be engraved with personal messages, each one representing a forever loved and missed baby or child.

The home for the Airedale Tree of Tranquillity will be Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Hospital, Skipton Road, Steeton, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 6TD. The Tree will be situated in the 'Sunbeam' Baby Remembrance Garden. The garden is being designed with tranquil, private space, brightened with floral displays and subtle lighting in mind. The entrance to the garden will be secured by a stunning custom designed metal gate, depicting an elephant to represent Aidan's Elephants and the Sunbeam Support Group (run by Airedale Midwives), delicate leaves to represent the Tree of Tranquillity and little hand and footprints to represent the children who will be remembered there. The Sunbeam Garden will be open to anyone who wishes to visit.

The leaves for Airedale's Tree of Tranquillity are provided by SiMBA. Please request a leaf Click here and for more information from Aidan’s Elephants and information on local engravers click here (use link) or you can contact an engraver of your choice. Once leaves have been engraved please return to SiMBA in the packaging provided. The leaves are added to the Tree at intervals throughout the year and you will be informed by email (with a photograph of your attached leaf) when your leaf has been attached to the Tree.